These are the more traditional azaleas that prefer morning sun or filtered afternoon sun. For areas with more sun, check out our Encore Azaleas. Azaleas grow best in well-drained soil with regular waterings. To help roots get as much oxygen as possible, plant them about an inch above the surrounding soil level, making sure that any exposed roots are covered with a thin layer of soil and then mulch and water well. Prune after spring bloom. Feed with Ferti-Lome Azalea Evergreen Food with Systemic Insecticide after spring bloom to both protect from lacebug damage and help next years’ bloom development. Most of these azaleas are evergreen but there are deciduous varieties also; these usually have yellow, orange or pink blooms.

This is a large category and contains plants that vary greatly in size and bloom color, from white to pink, purple, and reds. Gumpo Azaleas are low growing, while Formosa Azaleas get quite large in size, and there are many varieties in between!

  • Part Sun to Shade
  • Plant in acidic, fertile, well-drained soil
  • Plant size and bloom color are variety specific


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