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Plant species: Shade Azaleas

Morning Sun Azaleas

Shade Azaleas

These are the more traditional azaleas that prefer morning sun or filtered afternoon sun. For areas with more sun, check out our Encore Azaleas. Azaleas grow best in well-drained soil with regular waterings. To help roots get as much oxygen as possible, plant them about an inch above the surrounding soil level, making sure that… Read more »

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Protecting Shrubs from Winter Damage

Learn why some of our landscape plants are showing winter damage, how to identify the damage, and how to address it and give plants what they need to come out of dormancy successfully.


How to grow Azaleas in Arkansas

Azaleas are one of our most loved southern landscape plants!  When properly planted and cared for, they provide both an excellent evergreen presence and eye-catching blooms.  A quick note; native azaleas are not evergreen but their stunning blooms more than make up for lack of winter leaves! Choosing an azalea  Native and old fashioned azaleas… Read more »