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Spring Blooming Landscape Plants


Spring Blooming Plants for Arkansas

There is nothing like seeing the first blooms of spring to really kick off this beautiful Arkansas season.  If your landscape could use an infusion of spring blooms, check these beauties out!



“What are all those yellow flowering bushes I see blooming right now”? These are forsythia plants (above), and when they flower, it definitely means SPRING. One of our favorites is Magical Gold; it is a smaller growing variety that matures at 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and features extra large flowers that cover stems almost entirely!


Bridalwreath Spirea

Spirea ‘Bridalwreath’ aka Vanhoutte (above) is one of those shrubs that when people are describing them, they use their arms to help explain their 8 ft tall and 10 ft wide stature, long graceful weeping foliage covered in white flowers. A true showstopper!


Royal Star Magnolias

Another show stopping spring blooming large shrub or small specimen tree are the deciduous spring blooming Magnolias.  There are several to choose from; from purple blooms to white.  The one pictured above is Royal Star; we are sold out at the moment but have more coming in soon.  Mature size is approximately 10 to 12 feet tall and wide.  Some people shy away from deciduous plants but just take a look at how well these blooms show up on bare branches.  This magnolia has excellent heat and cold tolerance.  AND it’s fragrant!


This has been one of our favorite small trees and for good reason.  ‘Flamethrower’ Redbud features purple spring blooms, and striking burgundy, yellow then green foliage .  We also have weeping redbuds and ones that feature purple leaves! Lots of options with this spring blooming tree.

Drift Roses

Looking for something lower growing that blooms from April until November?  Drift Roses may be your answer.  The one pictured above is Peach Drift and there are many other colors to choose from. Drift roses are easy care, vigorous growing and cold hardy.  And check out those glossy, dark green leaves.  The low spreading habit makes Drift roses perfect for small spaces, in borders or along paths.  Drift Roses work well planted around established plants.


Ahh, Azaleas. Let’s not forget about the classic spring beauty that we all know and love. Variety is the spice of life, and in the Azalea world, we have it all. They all bloom in the spring and the Encore Azaleas even bloom in the fall.  The one picture above is ‘Fashion’, a tried and true favorite.


Camellia japonica

The Camellia japonicas are in full bloom and they keep grabbing our attention! We also have a great selection of fall to early winter blooming sasanqua camellias. Use these evergreen bloomers to accent part shade beds, or mass in foundation plantings or to create a flowering evergreen hedge. A wonderful choice for espalier to dress up a drab wall.


Saucer Magnolia

Yes, another deciduous, spring blooming magnolia because they are so wonderful!  The one pictured above is a ‘Jane’ Magnolia a class blooming in landscapes all around town right now.

Whew, these are just a few of the spring blooming landscape trees and shrubs we love so much. We love helping you figure out which plants might work the best in your space; bring a picture, talk to us about how much sun the area gets and we will give you some recommendations!