Most houseplants are tropicals (meaning they won’t survive the winter here), but there are some that are not! Make sense? Think about tropical hibiscus, mandevilla and Mexican petunias. These are all tropical plants, but have a hard time over-wintering indoors because they need so much sunlight. We carry these seasonal tropicals in both the spring and summer. They do well outside in full sun until the cool weather begins in the fall. By far, it’s easiest to simply treat them just like seasonal color plants and get new ones each spring. Of course, if you are feeling particularly green-thumbish, you can certainly try to over-winter them.

On the other hand, houseplants, such as pathos, philodendron, and the popular fiddle leaf fig, do well outside in lower light situations (shade or part-shade, no afternoon sun), as well as living solely indoors as houseplants.

All of these are going to do best when planted in our Good Earth brand potting soil in containers with good drainage, meaning adequate holes that allow excess water to drain.

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