Here’s a question we get all the time: “Which kind of plants come back, annuals or perennials?” We understand the confusion, but just remember that annuals have to be planted annually (actually twice a year!) and perennials come back year after year. How do perennials differ from shrubs? We saw it stated like this recently…”shrubs and trees may be the bones of a landscape, but perennials provide the muscle.’ Love it! And it’s true. Shrubs and trees will always be there and provide a backdrop for perennials, which add dramatic color and foliage interest to the garden, year after year. And although many perennials die back in the winter, the structure will remain until cleaned up in the early spring, providing interest through seed heads and other nesting materials for birds. Watching new perennial shoots emerge from the soil is one of the best parts of the spring season! And we grow our perennials, which total over 10,000 per year! Learn about our growing process here!

As you can see below, there are many types of perennials, each with its own unique features. Keep the sun needs in mind as browse!

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