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Summer Landscape Tips!

Sometimes people are lucky with plants…but most of the time, it’s know when to do what!  Here are some helpful tips that turn any thumb green! Spring seasonal color CAN look amazing right up until the fall!  For better success, trim annuals throughout the season.  Everything from petunias to impatiens can get leggy and a… Read more »

Split Holly ice storm damage

How to Clean Up Your Landscape After a Winter Storm…

Quick Note: This was posted after that rough winter storm in 2012 but these questions and concerns come up after every damaging winter storm.  Hopefully, we don’t have this kind of storm damage this winter! During the holiday season of 2012, we had bad winter storm that wreaked havoc on Central Arkansas landscapes!  Small trees… Read more »

Take That Landscape From Blah to Beautiful!

You might have noticed a general lack of enthusiasm in your landscape…which cannot be surprising considering the completely obnoxious weather we had this summer!  Fortunately, it’s that invigorating time of year, inspiring stunning outdoor makeovers! Here are some ways to get started on your landscape makeover: Pruning is the first step to getting that landscape… Read more »

A Tough Beauty

There are many plants that capture our imagination and make us want to plant large swaths throughout our landscape. Sometimes these treasured plants look amazing but don’t fare well over time. This plant, the invincible Oakleaf Hydrangea is another story! Oakleaf Hydrangeas have a totally different look to them than the traditional mophead or lacecap hydrangeas.… Read more »


Dividing plants; it’s gardening magic!

This time of year is great for dreaming about your garden. What you want to buy, where you want to plant it, what new plants are going to be available; all good fodder for daydreams. But you may not realize that your existing beloved perennials could be divided up into tens of new plants!  And… Read more »