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Take That Landscape From Blah to Beautiful!

You might have noticed a general lack of enthusiasm in your landscape…which cannot be surprising considering the completely obnoxious weather we had this summer!  Fortunately, it’s that invigorating time of year, inspiring stunning outdoor makeovers! Here are some ways to get started on your landscape makeover:

Pruning is the first step to getting that landscape back on track.  Now is the time to prune back struggling and heat stressed perennials.  And it’s also a great time to fertilize perennials with a natural slow release fertilizer like cottonseed mill or Milorganite.  Shrubs and trees will also benefit from a slow release fertilizer application.

All that heavy summer watering has used up your last fertilizer application long ago, plus lawns that were stressed this year will have a more difficult time greening up next spring.  All of this makes adding nutrients back into the soil this fall very important.  Natural fertilizer like Milorganite or Bonide Lawn Winterizer are both good choices.  Be sure to pre-emerge with Good Earth Weed & Grass Preventer also to really set a good foundation for next year.

Now that the temperatures have cooled down and we should be getting some natural rainfall, sprinkler water times can be reduced.  Watch your landscape carefully to make sure you aren’t over or underwatering.

And thank goodness it’s time to get rid of those faltering summer annuals!  Bring on the pansies and mums!  Prep your color areas by removing the summer annuals (if you have any left!), and breaking up the existing soil.  The summer drought might have hardened areas that were pliable in the spring.  Breaking up the soil adds oxygen to the soil, increases water percolation, and increases nutrient levels of the soil, all of which will help the roots of your fall plantings grow and get established.  Next, it’s time to do some soil amending. For perennial and annual color areas, we suggest using what the professionals use; Good Earth Brand Professional Growing Mix!  Its’ mix of organic matter, perlite, pH adjusters and Actino root protection provide an optimum growing environment.  Now you are ready to shop, plant, fertilize and mulch!  More on that next month.

This is also an ideal time to evaluate your entire landscape; what survived, what needs to be transplanted and what needs to be re-planted.  Fall is perfect time to plant trees and shrubs so make a list and come visit The Good Earth Garden Center!