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Arkansas Childrens Hospital- Rooftop Garden


Arkansas Children’s Hospital- South Wing Rooftop Garden & Atrium

The Good Earth Garden Center Landscape team has just about finished another amazing project here in Little Rock.  Since August of 2011, we have been working with Nabholz Construction and Children’s Hospital on the very new and exciting South Wing including the stunning rooftop garden and atrium areas!  As you can see by the site and equipment shown in the images below, this project certainly had it’s challenges.  For example, all the materials for the project were transported to the rooftop via cranes!  Also, irrigation and drainage are key parts of any landscape project, but they become even more vital on a rooftop garden.  This project has been a unique opportunity to utilize innovative approaches.  The landscaping part of the project has been installed in phases throughout the past 8 months and the rooftop areas are now about 99% complete.  ‘Growing for the kids’ has been the ACH promise and this new wing is a beautiful example of that.


Arkansas Children's Hospital -South Wing Rooftop Garden & Atrium