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Let’s rescue that lawn!

How to rescue your lawn!

This Spring’s unusual weather has lawns looking a little under the weather! For one thing, the warmer temperatures prompted many people to apply fertilizer, and then the cooler night temperatures arrived; creating the perfect environment for fungus growth. The wacky temperatures in March also prompted the lawns to break dormancy…and that process slowed to a crawl when the temps got low again. We are seeing this dormancy issue affect bermuda lawns and even some zoysia lawns. The mild winter we experienced did nothing to knock back the insect population, including grubs. So we are left with questionable looking lawns that need a little rescuing!

1. Apply a granular fungicide, such as Bonide Infuse to treat and prevent fungus growth, especially if you had fungus symptoms last year.

2. Pre-emerge for weeds! Yes, we will always mention this when speaking of lawns because it should be done every 60-90 days since different weed seeds are germinating all season.

3. For existing weeds, spray with Ferti-Lome Weed Out in temperatures under 90 degrees. We will start seeing sedge weeds soon, so remember that Sedgehammer and Sedge Ender are the best products to control the sedge.

4. Wait to fertilize until night temperatures are above 60 degrees. And while we are talking fertilizer…there is a difference between say a 13-13-13 and a higher quality fertilizer. Think of it like this; a 13-13-13 or simple fertilizer is like taking a multi-vitamin that has only vitamins A, D, E, whereas with the better fertilizers by Ferti-Lome and Bonide are like taking a complete vitamin. The micro-nutirents in a high quality fertilizer provide a greater range of strengthening and will help the lawn and soil actually become healthier. A high quality fertilizer is also time-release so instead of all the goodness being used up immediately, there is a long term benefit to your lawn. Good Earth Weed Preventer is pre-emerge and fertilizer so it’s a perfect product to use.

5. As mentioned at the beginning, grubs have established quite a presence this year! And if you have one grub, you have grubs and need to start treating. Some of the products advertize that one treatment will last all season. More and more, we are seeing that one treatment is not enough. You need to apply grub control in the Spring and in the Summer for several years to really get them under control.

6. Water is just as important as all this other stuff, and proper watering doesn’t happen as often as you might hope! This is a great time of year to get an inspection of your sprinkler system so that dry spots are found before the temperatures get high this summer. The Good Earth offers this service, and has an experienced sprinkler team that can address issues as they are discovered.

To solidify your new powers; read on! Be sure to read any product instructions carefully on each bag because the application rates vary.  And as you might guess, if you don’t want to mess with your lawn at all, The Good Earth has a maintenance department! So, all is not lost…you lawn can be rescued with a little work and the right information, so put on that cape and get to it!