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They’re here…. Mosquito Control to remedy your Mosquito Problem

Today is such an amazingly beautiful day.  The fluffy white clouds and blue skies intermixed with periods of denser cloud cover, low humidity; just an all around perfect Arkansas spring day!  For those of you who are out enjoying it, you are supremely aware.  For those who are still at work, plan an outdoor activity for the evening so you can enjoy this precious weather.  But be aware, you will have unwanted guests!  Vicious little monsters who will make you want to abandon your plans and run inside.  Yes, our common mosquito problem has arrived for the season and is out full force.  For today, bring bug spray or some sort of repellant, even if it’s just some citronella scented geranium leaves crushed and placed around on tables.  But start planning for tomorrow.  This is a good time to start planning ahead for the future mosquito-free events.  Go through your landscape and empty containers holding water.  Cut your grass low and remedy areas in your landscape that tend to have standing water.  And if the problem seems to be related to areas around you that are not within your control, you may need to do some mosquito spraying.  Check out our blog tomorrow for specifics on mosquito sprays.  For now, go and enjoy this weather!