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Plant species: Mulch



What is mulch and what is its purpose? Mulching landscape beds offers several aesthetic and horticultural benefits. Fresh mulch brightens up landscape beds, providing a newly maintained and professional look. Plants benefit from mulch in a couple of different ways. First, mulch helps maintain moisture levels, which means less stress from inconsistent watering. By covering… Read more »

Mulch / Soil / Stone

Mulch, Soil & Stone

Freshen up your landscape beds with new mulch! Create landscape beds with our blended soil! Create pathways, walls, water features and patios with our stone selection! Grow successful planters by starting with Good Earth…that is, Good Earth Professional Potting Soil, of course! Bottom line, we have everything need to complete your landscape project! Bulk items… Read more »

Top 10 Spring Landscaping Tips for Arkansas…plus a few more!

1.    Spring is a great time to plant all the things! Trees, shrubs, sod, perennials, veggies, herbs and annuals…all of it! The soil temperatures are warm, which encourages root development. 2.    Look at the area before planting to learn how many hours of sun the area gets and whether it is afternoon or morning sun. … Read more »

How to Water Smarter!

More water means healthier plants, right?  Um, no.  The relationship between soil and water is even more important than the quantity of water.  The perfect situation for plants is well draining soil and the correct quantity of water…plants grow, roots stay healthy, and all is well.  But as we all know, not all soils in… Read more »

Arkansas Gardening Tips for February!

Oh, the excitement of Spring!  The easy part is getting out the door into the landscape…but what do you do when you get there?  Here are some timely tips for what to do now that will make a big difference all year long! PRUNE •    Prune ornamental grasses, summer blooming spiraeas, and crape myrtles mid-February. … Read more »