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Butterfly Annuals

Butterfly Annuals

A lot of people want to attract butterflies to their garden, and understandably so! We have some tips to help draw these beautiful insects towards your yard.

Plan Your Flowers

While it’s true that butterflies are drawn to brightly colored blooms, a big bright flower is not a surefire way to attract butterflies.

Attracting butterflies is all about the length of the flowers. Salvias, for instance, have about a ¼ inch “throat”, and that makes them perfect for butterflies. The length matters because the nectar will be down in the bottom of the bloom’s “throat” and that’s what butterflies are looking for!

Lantana plants are another great butterfly (and hummingbird!) magnet. These flowers love full sun and the plants will fill out to be about the size of a basketball.

Angelonia blooms are another great bloom to incorporate into your yard if you’re trying to create a space butterflies will flock towards.

A popular butterfly garden feature is milkweed. We have tropical milkweed and perennial milkweed available, and both of these are great for attracting monarch caterpillars!

All of these plants are annuals, and will bloom all summer long and die off with the first frost.

Flower Care

If you want to maintain flower color and blooms, it’s time to whip out the BR-61! As usual, make sure the plants are well watered before introducing the BR-61 to the soil.

Ready to Get Started?

We’ve got everything you need to create a beautiful butterfly sanctuary. Come see what we have in stock, and we’ll be happy to give you personalized tips for your own yard. Call us at 501.868.4666 or visit us at 15601 Cantrell Road in Little Rock!