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Need some fertilizer guidance? Look no further. Gregg and Jeff have some information to help you make the right decision with ease.

Making Sense of Fertilizer

There are plenty of fertilizers on the market, and that can make the choice difficult when it’s time to buy. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. We’ve got some suggestions for you, and luckily there are only a handful of fertilizers that you really need in your arsenal.

The Basics

A good place to start is ferti•lome’s Azalea Food with Systemic. Gregg says he uses this on just about everything in his yard, aside from edible plants. He doesn’t use it on edible plants because the “systemic” part of this fertilizer refers to systemic insecticide.

For plants that are edible, he recommends ferti•lome’s Fruit, Citrus and Pecan Tree Food to do the trick. It’s perfect for plants that want a more acidic soil. This mix also helps ensure these edible plants get the zinc they need.

Ferti•lome’s Premium Bedding Plant Food is a great fertilizer for blooming plants. Using this in your flower beds will bring out the blooms in droves.

Osmocote is a slow release formula with a coating that allows it to take into consideration the moisture and temperature. The coating allows the osmocote to release at an appropriate rate, which means this fertilizer can last up to four months!

And finally BR-61 is a great fertilizer to help really boost the blooms on your plants. With all fertilizers, but especially BR-61, make sure you’ve watered the soil the day before applying your fertilizer. This will ensure that the roots don’t absorb too much salt and experience damage.

Need More Help?
The Good Earth team is just a call or click away. We keep these fertilizers (and more!) in stock, and we’ll be happy to give you personalized tips for your own yard. Call us at 501.868.4666 or visit us at 15601 Cantrell Road in Little Rock!