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Deter and Control Mosquitos

From mosquito plants to chemical control; there are many ways to help keep those pesky mosquitoes away! First things first, get rid of any standing water, turn over containers that might fill with water and try to address areas that stay wet.  This will decrease mosquito breeding areas which will decrease population.

Deter Mosquitoes with Plants

Citronella plants, which are scented geraniums, are the most common plant that we think of when trying to plant for mosquito control.  But there are several others including lemon grass, lavender, peppermint and rosemary.  Rosemary, lavender and peppermint often overwinter, whereas lemon grass and citronella will have to be replaced each year.  Remember to brush the plants or crush leaves to release the scent; the scent is what deters the mosquitoes.

Deter Mosquitoes with Scent

Skeeter Screen Patio Eggs and sprays work to deter mosquitoes the same way as the plants mentioned above.  If you don’t have the right growing space for the plants, you can fill the Patio Egg with scented oil and set or hang it in your patio area.  Or spray the pleasantly scented, Deet and pyrethrin-free Skeeter Screen Personal Spray.  This little bottle is the perfect size for your purse to protect you on your outings as well.

Terminate Existing Mosquitoes

We offer a variety of mosquito sprays to eliminate this annoying pest and offer mosquito misting systems as well.  (Please note that we do not have Spartan mosquito control in stock at this time).

No matter what your approach to this annoying pest, we can help!