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Plant species: Arborvitae



Arborvitae are evergreen conifers with diamond shaped needles. There are a variety of sizes and forms available. Sun to Part Sun Evergreen May feature yellow foliage Plant in fertile, well-drained soil and water regularly; wet feet (roots) and irregular watering will cause stress Deer resistant Attracts birds Good for containers Low maintenance; does not require… Read more »

Winter Combo Pots

Choose winter hardy plants for containers that offer interest all winter long!  The key is to choose evergreens, perennials, groundcovers and seasonal color that can last throughout our coldest temperatures in containers.  If you typically plant tropical plants in your containers, and aren’t sure about planting evergreens and perennials in them, just remember you can… Read more »

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Protecting Shrubs from Winter Damage

Learn why some of our landscape plants are showing winter damage, how to identify the damage, and how to address it and give plants what they need to come out of dormancy successfully.