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Plant species: Dogwood



Dogwood trees are best known for the eye-catching display of blooms in the spring, which arrive before the foliage. The blooms are actually yellowish-green flowers surrounded by larger, bright cream colored bracts, which are usually thought of as the flower. Clusters of bright red fruits mature in the fall and persist into winter. Dogwoods display… Read more »

Fall Foliage Colors in Arkansas

We are fortunate to live in one of the few areas of the world that experience brilliant fall foliage color!  Did you know that only a few regions in the Northern Hemisphere and only one region of the Southern Hemisphere enjoy this autumn coloration?  It’s easy to take the years with “good” fall color for… Read more »

Prevent & Control Fungus in Landscapes

Learn how to prevent and control fungus in landscape and lawn areas from the experts at The Good Earth Garden Center.