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Plant species: Hydrangea



Hydrangeas are favorites in warmer climate gardens and for good reason! They offer huge bouquets of clustered flowers in various arrangements, flower color, and blooming time. Here is a quick breakdown; mopheads are the traditional large spheres of small flowers, lacecaps feature a flat bloom with open flowers surrounding the center of non-flowering bracts, and… Read more »

Growing Limelight Hydrangeas in Arkansas

What is a paniculata hydrangea? This post is really about growing tips for all panicle (Hydrangea paniculata) hydrangeas but we thought this title would catch your attention since Limelight is the most popular one right now! These hydrangeas have blooms in panicles, which means a branched indeterminate inflorescence, which forms a cone shaped flower head.… Read more »

Prevent & Control Fungus in Landscapes

Learn how to prevent and control fungus in landscape and lawn areas from the experts at The Good Earth Garden Center.

All About Hydrangeas!

Ah, the hydrangea!¬† While most shade gardens can boast of at least one plant, if not more; confusion still reigns.¬† Questions about color, changing of bloom color, soil acidity, sun requirements and when to prune are very common and answers can be a little murky because of the sheer quantity of hydrangeas on the market… Read more »

A Tough Beauty

There are many plants that capture our imagination and make us want to plant large swaths throughout our landscape.¬†Sometimes these treasured plants look amazing but don’t fare well over time. This plant, the invincible Oakleaf Hydrangea is another story! Oakleaf Hydrangeas have a totally different look to them than the traditional mophead or lacecap hydrangeas.… Read more »