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Save time next Spring by following these simple steps now!

Save time next SpringAs you know, this is the first year that you took all that gardening advice from The Good Earth to heart and wow, did it pay off! I’m writing to say thank you for bravely taking on chores like ‘amending the soil’. Remember that Fall day when you were happily filling your cart with pansies and that nice girl asked, how is your soil? And you had no idea and really didn’t think it mattered? SO glad we listened to the advice on how to add organic matter, how Jump Start would get the roots growing and breaking up the soil would add air, allowing those roots to grow in better! I mean, have you looked outside lately?! Not to brag but the pansies look like they were planted by real professionals! I bet it was that Premium Bedding Plant Food you used when planting; they said it would increase blooms and it looks like they were correct!

And did you see those tulip leaves starting to emerge? Every Spring, you used to look around and think, ‘Wait, I want tulips!’ but it was always too late because you never remembered to plant them. Not this year…this year, people are looking at your tulips, doing some thinking of their own! So worth the little bit of time it took to plant them in the Fall!

Any minute now, your zoysia lawn is gonna start greening up for the Spring season, and BIG change, zoysia will be the only thing greening up because you finally remember to ‘apply pre-emerge’, yeah, the stuff that prevents weed seeds from ‘germinating’ really does work! Who knew?! Oh, and while we are talking about that, don‘t forget to get the next dose on the calendar; it needs to be done every 60 to 90 days to be the most effective.

You even took the preventative step to keep your crape myrtles happy and goodness knows, there are plenty around town that are covered with that newly discovered Crape Myrtle Bark Scale stuff. You already applied the Hi Yield Dormant Oil several times this winter and now that Spring is here, it will be time to apply the Ferti-Lome Soil Drench to protect them. AND you even passed this info on to neighbors that already have the pest. High five to you!

For years now, you have been getting all that good info on The Good Earth website, blog and newsletter, but this year, you applied that knowledge and just look at the results! So very proud of you; keep up the excellent work!

Save time next Spring