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These plants can take the heat!

If you need drought tolerant plants, you don’t have to plant Yucca!  More and more attention is being paid to development of ornamental plants that thrive during long periods without water.  One perennial that does great here in Arkansas is Stokesia or Stokes Aster. This plant has a striking bloom, and evergreen foliage.  Stokesia grows into clumps that can be separated and shared with friends or moved around in your perennial garden.  Or if you are looking for a bright, showy display of blooms, group at least 5 -7 plants together, and watch the blooms dance above the foliage for weeks.  There are many varieties to choose from and one of the most unique that we are growing here at The Good Earth is called ‘Purple Pixie’.  Most Stokesias get about 2 feet tall wit the blooms but the one only gets about 11″ tall.   It’s precious!  They do require some water but they like well drained soils and don’t have to be kept wet.  Mix some organic compost in the area you plant them in to loosen the soil, then fertilize and let them take off!

stokes aster

What a gorgeous blue color!