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Gardening Tips for March in Arkansas!

Enjoy a barefoot kind of lawn To control existing weeds, apply Bonide Sedge Ender, a pre and post emerge weed control for both cool and warm season grassy and broadleaf weeds. Yes, nutsedge, clover, and wild onions will be a thing of the past! To prevent weed seeds from germinating (which can happen year round… Read more »

How to Create a Living Wreath or Topiary with Succulents!

Today we are going to tell you how to create a living topiary using succulent cuttings and a sphagnum moss form. These topiary forms can be found in all kinds of shapes, like wreaths, spheres, animal shapes, hearts, letters and more! We ordered in succulent cuttings, and also used cuttings from some of our existing… Read more »

Arkansas Gardening Tips for February!

Oh, the excitement of Spring!  The easy part is getting out the door into the landscape…but what do you do when you get there?  Here are some timely tips for what to do now that will make a big difference all year long! PRUNE •    Prune ornamental grasses, summer blooming spiraeas, and crape myrtles mid-February. … Read more »

Split Holly ice storm damage

How to Clean Up Your Landscape After a Winter Storm…

Quick Note: This was posted after that rough winter storm in 2012 but these questions and concerns come up after every damaging winter storm.  Hopefully, we don’t have this kind of storm damage this winter! During the holiday season of 2012, we had bad winter storm that wreaked havoc on Central Arkansas landscapes!  Small trees… Read more »

Autumn Colors!

5 tips on how to color up your fall landscape!