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Gardening Tips for March in Arkansas!


Enjoy a barefoot kind of lawn

To control existing weeds, apply Bonide Sedge Ender, a pre and post emerge weed control for both cool and warm season grassy and broadleaf weeds. Yes, nutsedge, clover, and wild onions will be a thing of the past! To prevent weed seeds from germinating (which can happen year round at various temperatures) apply Good Earth brand Weed and Grass Stopper with Fertilizer every 60-90 days. This is a pre-emerge with fertilizer and should be applied when the grass is actively growing.  Apply Hi-Yield Weed and Grass Stopper, which does not contain fertilizer, when grass is dormant or fast approaching dormancy.

Planted annuals


Grow great flower power all season


Annuals and perennials benefit greatly from thorough soil preparation.  This includes adding amendments, such as Good Earth potting soil, sand, horticultural lime and organic compost, all of which work to increase drainage and air flow plus lighten the soil.  Remove existing annuals then work the amendments into the soil evenly.  When planting, use Good Earth brand Jump Start.  It’s amazing!




Cultivate your inner herb nerd

Some herbs are very easy to grow from seed while others are best planted as seedlings.  All herbs like bright, sunny areas with good soil drainage.    Herbs can be mixed in with flowers in containers or planted along side vegetables in raised gardens.  Use a good potting soil when planting in pots and consider adding Cotton Burr Compost when creating a raised garden for herbs and veggies for extra nutrients.



Boxwood heart

Love on your trees and shrubs

This dry, extremely cold winter has resulted in some plant damage.  As plants break dormancy and push out new growth, apply Osmocote, a granular slow release fertilizer and Jump Start to really get the roots growing.  Prune roses, crape myrtles, grasses and summer blooming spireas if they haven’t already been and prune out any dead or damaged plant material.  For plants with perennial insect pests like azaleas and gardenias, apply Ferti-Lome Tree and Shrub Insect Control soil drench now.