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Top 10 Must Haves for Gardening Success!

Top 10 Gardening Must Haves



As with everything, successful gardening comes from doing the right thing at the right time using the right tools!  Keep reading to learn the top 10 must haves for gardening success!

Good Earth brand Potting Soil-  We formulated this soil based on what we knew worked in our perennial growing operation.  We use this soil for everything from perennial growing to all our combination pots.  It drains great, has Actino root protection, pH balancers and organic matter, making it the best soil we have ever used!  We recommend using it to plant pots and amend perennial/ annual landscape areas.

Liquid Fence– We live in the natural state and our landscapes show it!  Rabbits and deer can ravage a huge amount of foliage overnight, leaving bare twigs to decorate our landscapes.  Repel deer and rabbits by applying Liquid Fence to flowers, shrubs, trees and vines.  It’s harmless to plants and animals, and although it’s stinky in liquid form, it dries odorless!

Premium Bedding Plant Food- There are several ways to fertilize annuals and perennials to encourage blooms; this one may just be the easiest!  It’s time release fertilizer, which means it releases food to the plants for an extended amount of time, in this case 8 weeks.  Use at planting, then sprinkle more on every 8 weeks throughout the growing season. 

Felco Pruners- Pruning can be fun if you know when to prune things and if you have the right tools, like Felco pruners!  These are tough and durable pruners; in fact, when the blades dull, they can easily be replacing without having to purchase a whole new pair of pruners.  Do you already have a pair of Felcos?  Bring them in and we can see if they need sharpening or new blades.  Often times, people come in for new blades but all they need is a little sharpening and they are good as new!  That’s the thing with good tools.  They last! 

BR-61- We call it steroids for flowers; think gorgeous, big bunches of flowers…that is what annual and perennials grow after applications of water soluble BR-61.  Other water soluble fertilizers like Miracle Gro have a middle number (that’s the one that encourages blooming, phosphorus) of 8, where as BR-61 has a phosphorus (middle number) of 58!  That pretty much says it all.

Dormant Oil- As you might guess, this is applied to plants that are dormant.  The oil covers leaf and limb surfaces, suffocating insect eggs and reducing insect populations before they emerge in the spring.  With the destructive, newly discovered Crape Myrtle Bark Scale wreaking havoc in Little Rock, applying Dormant Oil is a crucial step in saving crape myrtles.  Read our blog post for additional control methods.

Good Earth brand Jump Start- Root development is key in plant establishment.  Jump Start contains beneficial bacteria, humates AND perhaps most importantly, mycorrhizae.  Mycorrhizae is a fungus that forms a mutualistic relationship with plant roots, allowing roots to intake up to 1,000 more nutrients and water!  Jump start plant roots with Jump Start, and apply throughout the growing season for subsequent feedings.

Ferti-Lome Tree & Shrub Insect Control- Yup, it’s called ‘annual’ because it only had to be applied once a year and it protects and prevents insects all year long!  Mix with water then apply it to the root zone; no sprayed required.  Tree & Shrub is especially useful on plants with persistent insect issues such as azaleas and gardenias.  This is another crucial step in controlling Crape Myrtle Bark Scale; read our blog post for additional control methods.

Good Earth brand Grass & Weed Preventer– Preventing broadleaf and grassy weeds is way easier than killing them once they take hold.  Apply Good Earth brand Grass and Weed Preventer to keep both your lawn and landscape weed free.  Weed seeds germinate at all different temperatures; apply this year round every 60 to 90 days for best results.  Treat existing weeds with Ferti-Lome Weed Free Zone or Weed Out with Q depending on the season.

Moisture Meter– Yup, this simple, inexpensive meter is number ONE!  Too much water or not enough, especially paired with drainage issues is perhaps the number one cause of plant death that we see, whether it’s landscape plants or potted plants.  Moisture meters are the perfect way to find out what is happening in the soil, around the root zone area of the plants.  Push the end of the meter several inches into the soil and watch the hand move to a range of moisture levels.  Water accordingly.