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How to Build a Terrarium or Miniature Garden

Step 1

Add a layer of gravel and dirt to the bottom of the container. The best way is to use a funnel.

Step 2

Use a bamboo stick to dig and place the little terrarium plants. Secure the plants as you go – firming the soil and tucking in the moss.

Step 3

Add stones in for texture contrast.

Step 4

Water your terrarium. Spray the sides of the container to both direct moisture and also clean it.



Have a plan in place. Think about the natural elevation changes, the leaf texture, contrasts, and placement of moss and stones before adding them.

Don’t water your terrariums too much. Tropicals should be watered once a week, and succulents should be watered once or twice a month.

Place the terrarium in an area that has bright, indirect sunlight.