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How to Create Perfect Combination Pots


Step 1

Put a small amount of drainage rock in the bottom of the planter, and fill the planter most of the way up with good potting mix. Then mix in the appropriate amount of Good Earth brand Jump Start.

Step 2

Choose a plant that has height to add vertical drama. This is the thriller. For containers viewed from all angles, place the thriller in the middle. If there is only one viewing angle, place the thriller in the back.

Step 3

Add the filler plant. These are rounded or mounded plants that are placed around or in front of the thriller. Place them mid way between the thriller and the planter edges.

Step 4

Add the spillers next. Plant the spillers around the edges of the container. Plant them all around the container if the container will be viewed from all sides, or plant them only in the front if the viewing point is only from the front.

Step 5

Water the plant, and make sure you have some BR-61 fertilizer on hand.



  • When picking out a planter, make sure it has a drainage hole or drill one if necessary.
  • We use Good Earth brand Professional Growing Mix. It has pH Balancers, Actino root protection, and lots of other good stuff.
  • If you get mostly morning sun, choose shade to part sun plants. If you get afternoon sun, choose sun to part sun plants. Keep in mind that full sun plants need at least 6 hours of sun.
  • Make sure you get plants with similar water and sun needs.
  • A good combination planter has texture and color contrast.
  • Check the planter often, and water accordingly. Consider buying a moisture meter if you are uncertain.