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Landscape Lighting Tips


Keep reading for landscape lighting tips, including how it can increase your home value, add safety and more.

First of all, what is quality landscape lighting and how does it differ from the lights at box stores?

Professionally installed, high quality, low-voltage outdoor lighting is more efficient than ever before by utilizing energy efficient LED fixtures.  These new fixtures require roughly 80% less voltage!  Traditionally, fixtures became quite hot; LED fixtures create far less heat, resulting in significantly longer lamp and fixture life. Depending on application, LEDs can last 50,000 hours or more. Additionally, with FX Luminaire LED lights (pictured above), you have the option of creating different themes that vary the mood and ambiance in your outdoor space to fit a quiet evening with family or a festive gathering with friends.  LED lights are easy to come by but there is a wide range of quality.  The FX Luminaire LED light fixtures our Landscape Services team installs are durable, constructed of brass and/or copper and come with a great warranty.

Why install landscape lighting?

Simply put, landscape lighting is a cost effective way to both beautify your home and add outdoor living space without costly renovations. High quality, professionally designed and installed landscape lighting has been shown to increase the value of your home. Landscape lighting also provides everyday benefits such as safety and curb appeal. In addition, it enhances outdoor gathering areas as well as illuminates walkways, steps, entryways and of course, highlights your home’s landscape plantings and architectural details.

Who can install landscape lighting?

By hiring a lighting professional, such as The Good Earth Landscape Services team, you are guaranteed a custom designed, properly installed and maintained functional system for years to come. As with any project at your home, hiring properly licensed, insured and skilled experts saves you money and future hassles. Choosing unskilled labor to install high quality products such as the FX Luminaire line won’t result in lasting success.  Our Landscape Services team are experts in designing and installing these lighting systems, with a focus on safety and proper voltage requirements. Our skills insure that your lighting system will operate trouble-free for many years to come.

Where can landscape lighting be placed?

From specialty underwater lights to uplighting and downlighting, FX Luminare’s products can create a variety of effects at your home. In addition to the aesthetics, these systems can be easily controlled from your smartphone or tablet. Email The Good Earth Landscape Team today for your estimate!