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Starting a DIY landscaping project? Read this first…

Good landscapes serve several functions; increase home value, improve quality of life, improve aesthetics and improve functionality of a space. Bad landscapes, whether due to lack of proper maintenance or poor design, can do just the opposite.  Is making changing to your landscape on your spring to-do list?  Here are The Good Earth’s top tips for getting it right the first time!

The most common question The Good Earth Garden Center team gets is, ‘What should I plant here?’  Although correct plant choice and placement are key, there are other considerations to keep in mind when landscaping, especially if you are doing a big landscaping project.  As you get started on planning your landscape, here are some considerations to keep in mind:


  • What is my goal? Add curb appeal, complete renovation including style change, add shade, create new outdoor living spaces, replace aging plant material; these are all worthy goals and each can take the landscape in a completely different direction.  This is the most important step of getting ready for a change; take time to write a list of what you like and don’t like in your space.


  • How will my family be using the space now… in 10 years, in 20 years? We can’t predict the future but if your know your interest in growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs is increasing, and your patience with lawn maintenance is decreasing, it stands to reason that some long term planning might need to happen!  Same with play areas for growing children or grandchildren as well as interest in a cut flower garden.  Plus, this kind of family discussion is a good opportunity for device-free time.


  • How much maintenance are we willing to do? Whether you are willing to invest in maintenance services, or willing to invest some evening or weekend time, it’s good to know your budget for either.  Each plant has at least some maintenance needs but you can have an outstanding and low maintenance landscape with the proper plan and plant choices.


  • What is my style? The style of my home?  Style matters!  We suggest starting a Pinterest board for your upcoming project and invite your family to do the same Ask them to send you Pins they are drawn to.  You chose your home for a reason; one of which was almost certainly the style of home and a good landscape plan will enhance that style and make it even more your own.  Visit Good Earth’s Pinterest page for inspiration.


  • What is my budget? The sky is the limit with landscape options but for most of us, the budget doesn’t always reach the sky!  Consider completing the project in phases instead of cutting back on individual project pieces.  The end result will be worth it!


  • Am I up for doing this myself or do I need to get the professionals to do the heavy lifting? The Good Earth team can help either way; the garden center team offers DIY help (get started here) as well as complete planning and installation services. And maybe this should go without saying but we have to bring it up…it’s very important to talk about your landscaping project with your significant other; get on the same page or at least the same book before getting too far in the process.


And if are just tired of looking at your space and need someone else to take the wheel and make beauty happen, The Good Earth’s Landscape Services team can do that too! After answering the above questions (and be realistic!), you are ready to consider the actual design of the space… which again includes more than plant choice and placement!  Creating good bed lines, ones that are in scale with the house and make sense with the rest of the area is key.