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Learn How to Use a Sprayer

Hose End Sprayer

Step 1

Attach the sprayer to the water hose.

Step 2

Set the dial to the correct number by reading the number of tbsp. or tsp. are recommended per gallon. The default is tbsp. but moving the pin to the inside of the sprayer hose will restrict the flow and allow you to choose tsps.

Step 3

Attach the chemical and turn the water on.

Pump Sprayers

Step 1

Measure the chemical according to directions and add it to the container.

Step 2

Put the lid on, and spoil it around to mix it.

Step 3

Pump the sprayer up, adjust the nozzle for spray pattern and spray.

No Clog Sprayer


Hose end sprayers can reach up to 45 feet, and there is no mixing of chemicals needed.
Spreader sticker increases the chemical’s effectiveness.
Always rinse the containers and run water through the nozzle to clean after use.
Read all chemical labels carefully and follow directions.

Hose end sprayer attaches to the end of a water hose. There’s a bottle for the concentrated chemical, but some smaller bottles of chemical will attach directly to the sprayer. They are used for insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Pump sprayers are great for weed control.

A no clog sprayer is used to apply water soluble fertilizer such as BR-61.