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New Perennial Selections for 2020

Our perennial grower, Jen Mistretta, shares details about some very exciting new perennials; available right here at Good Earth Spring of 2020!

Every year brings opportunities for new plants, and this year is no exception!  I have poured over the catalogs, reviewed plant trials and talked to other growers.  Here is just some of the goodies available this year.

Dianthus ‘Paint the Town Fuchsia’

What a pretty color this is!  There is a bunch of breeding in the Dianthus category, and the options were numerous!  This variety will bloom earlier than other Dianthus varieties. It only grows 6-8” tall.

Yarrow ‘Sassy Summer Sunset’

Last year we had Yarrow ‘Sassy Summer Sangria’ which was gorgeous, and yes, we will have it again for 2020.  This year there is a new color in the series called ‘Sassy Summer Sunset’.  It has a very nice shade of orange, that made me super excited when I saw it. The flowers will fade to yellow, so really you are getting a two-color bonus. Grows 30-36” tall.

Baptisia ‘Vanilla Cream’

You may have the purple or better yet the ‘Lemon Meringue’ variety, but may I introduce you to ‘Vanilla Cream’!  Yep, a cream white flowering Baptisia.  I thought y’all would enjoy this, especially those who may have the other colors.  For those who might be seeing Baptisia for the first time, get one!  Being oh soo pretty and easy to grow, this is a great plant for newbies to the gardening world.  The variety grows 2-3′ tall.

Agastache ‘Blue Boa’

I grew this for you!  I was asked quite often for more of the blue/purple taller Anise Hyssop and here is a great one!  Featured in Fine Gardening magazine last year, it brings up a great point which is if you like Salvia ‘May Night’ then you would love ‘Blue Boa’.  I agree.  The Agastache has a much longer bloom time.  Attracts Pollinators! Grows 30-36” tall.

Agastache ‘Poquito Butter Yellow’

Ok, truth time: this one I grew for me!  It won the “Classic City Award” from the trial gardens at UGA (University of Georgia) last September.  This variety has been applauded by many horticulturists so of course we need this one too! Grows only 13” tall.

Iris ‘Social Graces’

This Iris was given the award of Merit from the American Iris Society.  I think that is one of those colors that would enhance any flower bed.  Fragrant.

Hosta ‘Rainbow’s End’

There is a lot of Hostas out there guys!  It takes a special one for me to turn my head, but sure enough ‘Rainbow’s End’ had me looking and then ordering them for us.  Hard to describe, better seen in person, it is the combination of variegation, saturation of color, and the shiny leaf that sets it apart from other Hostas.  Grows 11” tall.

High Roller Red Hot Poker

Jackpot Red Hot Poker

Kniphofia ‘High Roller’ and ‘Jackpot’  (Red Hot Poker)

We have had Red Hot Poker plants in the past, and we even had them planted on the property.  Entrancing everyone, it is the combination of color and just being uniquely different that makes these plants a nice addition to a flower bed.  These two varieties are brand new and both grow pretty big.  ‘Jackpot’ grows 32-36” tall and ‘High Roller’ grows 36-48” tall.  Deer and rabbit resistant.

Daylily ‘Primal Scream’

Huge 7 ½ to 8 ½” brilliant orange flowers that are classified officially as “unusual form”, this name fits it well!  In the same series is ‘Ruby Red Spider’ daylily which is absolutely amazing!