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Antique Container Potting

Listen in while Jeff catches up with Gregg about the do’s and don’ts of repurposing unique containers to pot your plants.

What can you use as a container?

We talk about containers quite a bit, because they’re an important element in the health of all potted plants! This week, we’re focusing on sprucing up your setup by using things that weren’t necessarily designed to be used as containers.

Gregg suggests searching for old or unused containers, like an old metal drawer, to give your arrangement a unique twist. Simply put a few holes in the containers base, then line the bottom with rocks and pebbles to ensure that water can drain properly.

Scout for Potential Containers

While doing regular spring cleaning, keep your eyes peeled! You never know what you may have tucked back in the garage, attic or tool shed that could double as a new pot. Gregg uses an old drawer, a metal lunchbox, and even a chair frame with some chicken wire to house plants!

All in all, if you can create an environment that will still allow for proper drainage, you can probably use that container to put your potted plants in!

Unique Plant Stands

Already satisfied with the pot your plant is in? Another way to incorporate your personality into your plant display is to look for pieces that can serve as a plant stand!

For example, Gregg found an old wire stool that has a nice even seat. It’s perfect to set the pot right on top of. The addition of a unique plant stand is a direct way to add some interest and spruce up the presentation of your plants.