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New Perennials for 2019

Every year, our perennial grower researches new perennials to grow and chooses ones that she feels will be the most successful for Arkansas gardeners.  Introducing the new perennial picks for 2019:

Dianthus ‘Georgia Peach Pie’

There is always a bunch of Dianthus in the pink and red shades, but this one is different.  The flowers are blush pink with a coral eye. Likes well drained soil, and is drought tolerant once established. Grows 10-12” tall and wide.

Photo cred Walters Gardens (‘Rosie Posie’)

Agastache ‘Morello’, ‘Rosie Posie’, and ‘Heatwave’

Three new varieties for the Agastache group for 2019! This is a perennial that gives a long, long bloom time in the summer. Dare say almost all summer. Perfect for the Hummingbirds and butterflies.  Loves hot, dry sunny spots, with good drainage especially in the winter.

Photo cred Walters Gardens

Nepeta ‘Cat’s Pajamas’

The plant breeders have been working on new cultivars of catmint, and this one is exciting to see.  It is said to bloom from top to bottom unlike their older cousins that bloom on the tips. A bit of a smaller variety growing 12-14” tall and 18-20” wide.

Vintage Violet Yarrow photo cred Proven Winners

Achillea ‘New Vintage Violet’, ‘New Vintage Rose’ and ‘Sassy Summer Sangria’

Yarrow is another plant that is hot and trendy for 2019. By attracting bees and butterflies it isn’t hard to understand why.  Easy for beginners.

Photo cred Walters Gardens

Amsonia ‘Storm Cloud’

This variety is a bit different than the native Amsonia that you might have.  What makes this once different is that the leaves are much wider therefore the plant has a very different overall presence.   It is said that when emerging in the spring the leaves are near black, or at the very least very dark, just like a storm cloud in the distance. They both bloom light blue in the spring.

Veronica ‘Tidal Pool’

Veronica is a fast up and comer plant group, and while most are tall upright varieties, what about a ground cover option?   We got you covered there, too.  This veronica will creep and crawl, and spread  18-30” wide.  It doesn’t mind the humidity, tolerates light foot traffic, blooms violet blue in the spring, and is evergreen! This one checks off a bunch of must haves on the list.

Monarda ‘Bubblegum Blast’

Bees and butterflies just adore Bee Balm and this sweet shade of pink is one to include.  In fact, there will be other new colors as well for 2019. This variety is a great size, growing 24” tall.  Not too big, not too small.

Perennials will be available at different times throughout the spring, as weather plays a role with our crops.