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Ornamental Grasses

Benefits of Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are tough, easy care plants to grow in Arkansas landscapes.  There are many different kinds that grow to a variety of sizes and offer interesting plumes.  Plumes are what grass blooms are often called.  While grasses may not have the showy petals and sepals of more traditional flowers, these plumes are unique and often show stopping!

Although most of our winter hardy ornamental grasses are not evergreen, most turn an attractive tan color when they go dormant.  The plumes that are so showy during the fall remain on the plant during winter as well.  The winter look of ornamental grasses is as interesting as an evergreen shrub.

Pampas grass, as described in this video by Gregg, has large feathery plumes and can tolerate both wet and dry soils.  Most grasses prefer well-drained soil, and don’t thrive in wet soils.  All are drought tolerant once established.  Pampas grass can get quite large but dividing it periodically will keep the size in check.

Planting ornamental grasses in the fall is recommended because not only do you get to enjoy the plumes all season, the plant roots also have time to get established before going dormant.  Use Good Earth brand Jump Start at planting to help roots establish even faster!

Caring for grasses is easy; cut back in mid-February, and fertilize with a balanced fertilizer such as Start-N-Gro during the growing season.