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Our Staff’s Favorite Gifts

We did this in the fall and wanted to do it again this winter; it’s fun to find out which items are on our team’s must have list!  And from tools to jewelry, we love what they picked out!


Trey R.

“Oh man, this is an easy one for me.  I love the hose end sprayer.  It’s one of the most used garden items I have.  It saves me money on not wasting chemicals but its biggest advantage is the time I save.  I can spray large plants in a fraction of the time that it used to take me with a pump up sprayer.  Plus since its easy to use I’m more likely to actually stay on top of my spray program.  If I see a pest or fungus in my garden I can easily treat all infected plants in about 5 minutes.”

Trey is holding up our Chapin Hose End Sprayer; it’s a durable and simple yet powerful way quickly spray landscape and garden treatments.  It features an easy to use restrictor that changes the mix measurement from tablespoons and has an anti-siphon feature that prevents backflow.  Just add chemical to the bottle, set the dial to the recommended measurement, attach to hose and spray! It automatically mixes with water.




Julie C.

“I love all the Greenbox prints, whether they are on wall or shelf canvases, hand towels, mugs or placemats. They are just a little pop of happy!  Each one is whimsical and so fun. They are Giclée prints of original art. A Giclée print is a high quality print using the best printer, canvas and ink available.  The resulting print is detailed and very clear.

The canvas prints have the artists’ biography on the back, which makes them feel even more special.  My personal favorite is the sloth one I’m holding. It’s my favorite because my kids love sloths!”

P.S. There are prints of so many different animals and birds, and we have a few Christmas themed ones still available as well.





Sean O.

Have you met Sean yet?  He joined our team this year.  If you see him on your next visit, introduce yourself! He loves meeting new people and has a deep love for all kinds of plants, and is especially interested in bonsai.

His favorite gift? “Mini mingos, fun kitsch”.

These are super cute in houseplants as shown here or in outdoor containers.






Nicole G.

“My favorite gift would be the hand made bells from India. They are my favorite because they sound like twinkle stars when the jingle.”

As Nicole mentioned, these are completely handmade bells, created using a secret family formula that gives them a distinctive look and sound. The hand hewn wooden clapper makes a melodic and echoing tone.  The formulas has been passed down from generation to generation, from one family member to another.

We have a large selection of individual bells, in a variety of sizes, and we also have chimes like the one she is holding.  Ring one during your next visit for a soothing and calming sound like no other. Oh, and they are fair trade!




Laura A.

“Socks make perfect stocking stuffers and who doesn’t want a fun pair of Christmas socks?  We have so many other sock designs too, ones for dog or cat lovers, gardeners, foodies, aunts, moms and more.  I especially get a kick out of the humorous socks. These also make good gift card holders.

Right next to the socks, are our hand towels; they also have funny saying on them. We have people that spend a lot of time reading each one, and it’s fun to hear them laugh and connect a pair of socks or a towel with a friend or family member that ‘it’s just perfect for’. I love that the sayings on both the socks and the towels make for a more personalized gift.”





Jen G.

“It’s hard to pick just one thing because I have a lot of ‘favorites’! One of the items that seems to get overlooked somehow are the earrings from Grandmother’s Buttons.  The detail on these buttons is lovely. These kind of pieces, vintage with a history, are among my favorite gifts to give. That they are handmade by a small, family owned business makes them even more special to me.  Most, if not all, of the earrings we have feature a plant or flower of some kind.  I like the ones with some length the best; fun and dramatic! It’s hard to see the detail in this pic here so keep scrolling for a closer view.”

Grandmother’s Buttons, located in historic St. Francisville, Louisiana, was established in 1985. This handmade jewelry is created from a world wide collection of 19th century buttons & caches of vintage glass and pearls. These vintage pieces were collected by a mother and daughter. The pair try to create a connection to the past with each piece.