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Our Staff’s Favorite Gifts

We did this in the fall and wanted to do it again this winter; it’s fun to find out which items are on our team’s must have list!  And from tools to jewelry, we love what they picked out!


Jen M.

Zimmer Woodworks boxes

“I always enjoy these wood boxes as Richard Zimmer brings them in.  Beautiful, unique, well made and purposeful these boxes are made of native or reclaimed wood.  On the bottom of the box, it tells you what kind of wood he used such as pecan, poplar and hackberry (my favorite) among others. I have a wooden box from my childhood that I have special rocks in and whenever I look inside these, I dream of what possibilities I would put in these beauties as an adult!”
Richard Zimmer is a self taught woodworker, who started woodworking in his teens. Each piece he creates is handcrafted from native or reclaimed wood, including walnut, cherry, maple, honey locust and cedar. He is excited to introduce people to quality craftsmanship.



Kantha blankets

“My gift-shop pic is our one of a kind Kantha throws from India. 

Each one is handcrafted with unique patterns and colors to brighten up any room in your home. They are soft, cozy and washable. Our family loves them! I even use them as a table runner. These Kantha throws make the perfect gift year round.”






Bug Houses

My favorite items in the store right now are the Bug Houses!  I have been reading a lot lately about beneficial bugs lately.  Beneficial bugs don’t just pollinate our flowers, they also eat the destructive bugs that destroy our beautiful plants.  The Bug Houses are a safe place for our bug friends to spend the winter.  They nestle in and bed down for the cold months while the plants are dormant and come back out in the spring.  Providing a winter home for our garden friends means less chemicals we have to apply in the summer. Giving your favorite gardener a Bug House for Christmas would be a perfect gift that keeps on giving as the beneficial bugs emerge in the spring to spread their good deeds in the garden.




Fun + protective sun hats

“I love these hats! They come in a variety of styles and colors. SPF 50- Perfect for the patio, the pool or the lake. Regardless of your style, you will find the one that is perfectly you!”








“Anything Gnome related . . I I especially enjoy our stuffed gnomes.  We have such a variety to go with any decor or you can mix and match.  For the last two years, I have decorated my back porch with all gnomes from the Good Earth.  A gnome makes such an adorable Christmas gift everyone is sure to love.”





Jen G.


“I love the Greenbox art! Whether it’s on a towel or in a frame, each one is so adorable. Some of the Christmas themed ones have a bit of glitter or gold, which gives them even more charm.  The little animals are precious and whimsical, which makes them perfect gifts. A little bit of something unexpected makes gift giving more fun to me!’







Unique, one of a kind finds

“It’s the random, vintage items for me! They are tucked in all over the Gift Shop…the sewing machine base turned into display table, the old plumbing fixture renovated into a light, this amazing painting on a vintage window. These special little things that are unique and interesting that can’t be found just anywhere!”





Mary J.

Primitives by Kathy Socks

“I enjoy the primitive socks by Kathy. The thoughts and designs on them are very clever. I love watching people’s reactions as they browse through the socks and read the sayings. There is always a pair of sock for a special someone in your life.”