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Plant species: Veronica



Veronica, also known as speedwell, offers a wide range of plant varieties, native to all kinds of habitats such as moist meadows, grasslands, dry meadows, rocky hillsides and open woodlands. Blooms feature small, outward facing flowers in blue, purple-ish pink and white. Varieties that grow as ground-covering mats are perfect for rock gardens. Larger varieties… Read more »

New Perennials for 2019

Learn about some of our favorite new perennials for 2019

Perennial Picks of the Week

Looking through magazines, scouting plants on Pinterest, falling in love with gardens featured online… all fun past times.  But when it comes to planting new plants, the place to go is your local garden center.  We know what does well here in our area, and trial plants we aren’t familiar with before we recommend them. … Read more »