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Poison Ivy and Garden Grub Treatments

Gregg and Jeff are exploring certain garden nuisances that find their way into most yards, and talking about what you can do to stop them.

Common Garden and Yard Problems

There are some insects and weeds that find their way into most all garden spaces. Let’s look at a few common problems and some things you can do to solve them.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is nothing to mess with, since so many people are allergic to the oils on the plant.

The five-leaved Virginia Creeper gets a bad reputation because it’s commonly confused with the three-leaved Poison Ivy. People are not typically allergic to Virginia Creepers, however, but Poison Ivy should be dealt with if you notice it growing in your yard.

While Round-Up is sometimes used, we recommend trying BK-32 Brush Killer to spray down Poison Ivy plants. If the Poison Ivy vine is climbing up a tree, use a spray bottle or a paint brush to administer the BK-32 Brush Killer. Expect it to take about a month to take effect.

Grub Worms

Grub worms are another pretty common problem. If you spot one in your yard, it’s likely that you have hundreds of them.

Bio Advance Complete Insect Killer is a great option for ridding yourself of these pests. You’ll want to treat your yard as soon as you notice the first grub worms, then treat again in about 6 weeks, and follow up with another treatment 6 weeks later.