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Using Natural Shrubbery Around Your Property

Even if you love your neighbors, you can still want a barrier dividing your property from theirs. Looking for a beautiful, natural way to provide some privacy? Here are Gregg’s suggestions for you.

Gregg recommends the arborvitae to use as a natural fence. They can be purchased when they’ve already grown 10 ft. tall, so the privacy they provide is significant. And if that doesn’t convince you, Gregg says taking care of these shrubs is incredibly easy.

Another option is to plant younger shrubs. This allows you to spend less and invest your time nurturing the plants yourself. The Elaeagnus hedge is one we recommend often. We use it for residential and commercial landscaping, and it has a great track record of being healthy and resistant to diseases. It has great growth potential, and just needs consistent pruning to promote a full shape! Fragrant blooms.

Sweet olives also work well as a screen. This plant blooms for about six weeks in the spring and is beautifully fragrant! It’ll need to be pruned to maintain its density and shape, but overall, caring for the sweet olive should be no trouble.

Ready to add the finishing touch to your yard? Take note of how much sun your area gets and how large the plants can grow then reach out to us. Budget is also a consideration; larger, more mature plants are more of an investment but you will get to enjoy privacy much sooner than if you go with a smaller plant.

Feel free to call us at (501) 868-4666 or stop by and see us at 15601 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR 72223! We’re here and happy to help!