Learning Center


The Potting Pavilion

Our Potting Pavilion is now open and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!  We have wanted to offer a space where people could pot up their planters for a while and it’s finally here!

Start by Selecting Your Container

You are welcome to bring your own container, or choose one of ours.  We have pots in every size, color and style you can imagine!  Visit our Gift Shop, look around the Pavilion and stroll the pottery area to see all the options.

Gather Your Plants

Consider how much sun this planter will get when choosing plants.  If you are planting up a mixed planter, choose plants with similar light and water needs.  Need ideas?  Ask us, that’s why we’re here!


Your choice; either do your own planting any time or we can help you plant for a small fee.  We have our Good Earth brand Potting Soil as well as pea gravel, river rock and Osmocote available for use.  There will be a small charge for the potting soil ($1- $3 per pot, based on size).  Osmocote, river rock and pea gravel are free!  Mosses and specialty stones are available for purchase in the Gift Shop; these are sold by full container only and are priced as marked.

*Please keep track of the container label by taking a picture of it before covering with soil or plants, and keep the pots the plants came out of.

Tab Out

Bring your newly planted creation into the Gift Shop to check out, as well as the pots the plants came out of… we need these to get you on your way.  Give yourself some time to stroll the gift shop for accessories such as plant misters, Moisture Meters (we highly recommend these, check out this post) and watering cans.