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Easy Houseplant Watering

Keep Houseplant Watering Easy

Start by choosing easy plants.  Gregg Curtis of The Good Earth Green House is showcasing three of the most easy care houseplants.  Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum are low to medium light indoor plants that show you when they need water.  The leaves lay down and loose their vibrancy when they need water.  Because they communicate so clearly when they need water and bounce back well, there is less guesswork about what the plant needs.

ZZ Plant or Cardboard Plant is another easy care plant, low light plant.  ZZ Plants grow well without natural light; perfect for office spaces that have only fluorescent light. The last plant mentioned in this video is Mother in Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant.  It is another low to medium light plant with low water needs.

Both of these plants can go for a long time without water but one easy way to water them, and other houseplants, is to use a Plant Pal.  This is a porous terra cotta water applicator; all you do is fill a bottle with water and put it into the Plant Pal.  The terra cotta applicator will slowly release water to the soil and plant roots.  This system allows you to go many days between watering.  Just check the water level and refill bottle as needed. Another very useful tool for houseplants is a Moisture Meter; here is a link to our full blog post about how they work.

How to Use Houseplants

Houseplants are great for classrooms, home decor, dorm rooms, offices, apartments, pretty much any temperature controlled indoor space with lighting.  We hear people say that houseplants are too much trouble… but they don’t have to be.  Come see us and tell us about your space and we will help you find the plant that works best for your unique situation!