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The Details and Benefits of Spring Mulch

Gregg and Jeff are catching up on not only the aesthetic benefits of mulch, but the practical reasons you want it in your landscaping.

Is Mulch Just For Looks?

Adding mulch to your landscaping is a great way to beautify the area. It completes the look and (quite literally) tops things off.
The benefits stretch past the beautification it offers, though. Let’s take a look at four different varieties of mulch and give you some insight into why mulch is a great addition.

The Benefits of Mulch

Looking for a way to help keep your soil moist? One for the top benefits of mulch is how it helps hold in moisture. As summer rolls in, and you’re watering less, mulch can ensure your plants have the moisture they need.
Another advantage of mulch is it helps keep your flower beds tidy. Mulch reduces weed growth, and we recommend adding a little Pre-Emerge to your soil before putting the mulch down. This adds an extra layer of insurance that weeds won’t be a huge bother.
We recommend putting mulch down at least once a year to help maintain your landscaping.

Varieties of Mulch

Single Hammered hardwood mulch is typically brighter in color, and is a little chunkier with more dense pieces. Double Hammer mulch is processed twice as much as Single Hammered mulch, therefore the consistency is a little more fine and it deteriorates more rapidly.
It’s important to note that Single and Double Hammered Mulch is a natural product, and the color and density can vary slightly from load to load.
At the Good Earth, we often go through two loads a day in the spring, so we recommend you try to plan your projects so you can get all of your mulch at once. This will ensure that the look and feel of the product is consistent.
Our Red Dyed mulch and Brown Dyed mulch are also popular options. Our partners use a cedar mulch, then let it rest for about 72 hours after dying. It’s then delivered to us.
Keep in mind that cedar is an insect repellant.

Ready to Order?

Don’t have a way to pick up your mulch? We’re happy to be able to offer delivery of up to 20 yards of mulch at a time. Not sure how much mulch you need? Use our handy Mulch Calculator or give us a call. You can reach us at 501.868.4666 with questions or to schedule your mulch delivery!