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What is Spreader Sticker?

Today on the Good Earth Greenhouse, Gregg and Jeff are talking about Spreader Sticker.  Keep reading to learn what it is, and why using it so important to good weed control.

Crapemyrtle Bark Scale

Before we get to Spreader Sticker, we wanted to mention that this past year, we saw more crapemyrtle bark scale issues than in any other year since it was discovered locally about 5 years ago.  This could be due to lack of treatment or even incorrect treatment on affected crepe myrtles.  For details on how to treat this detrimental pest, please visit our blog post.

Controlling Wild Onions

Wild onions are a difficult weed to kill. When you are walking around your lawn or drive up to your home and see these evergreen sprouts in your landscape, the issue may look too small to really get concerned about. While the clump may look small from the top, there could be as many as 100 bulbs in the root area. If not treated correctly, the clump will continue to grow and spread.

What Will Not Work?

Here are some tips on what NOT to do:

  • Cut the top growth off with mower or weed eater
  • Use Round-Up to control wild onions
  • Try to pull it up

Removing the top growth or removing just some of the bulbs can encourage the plant to grow more and at a faster rate than if it had been left alone.

What Will Work?

Apply Image and Spreader Sticker solution. Image is a chemical weed control product that works by stopping the plant’s photosynthesis process, which is the process of producing nutrients for the plant.  Without photosynthesis producing nutrients for the plant, it is forced to use up what has been stored in the bulb.  Once that is gone, the plant will decline and die.  This can take up to 6 weeks to happen so patience is key.

What is Spreader Sticker?

Spreader Sticker helps chemical controls be more effective by increasing the distribution and adhesion of them. It also opens pores, allowing more of the chemical control to enter. Because using Spreader Sticker increases effectiveness, it decreases chemical usage.

As an example of Spreader Sticker opening and allowing chemicals through pores, Gregg put Spreader Sticker in a styrofoam cup with red food coloring.  In the video, you can clearly see how the solution has come through the cup sides.  This would not happen with regular water!

Does it Matter?

Yes.  Using the right product, applying at labelled rates and at the right time of year absolutely matters. Chemical controls only work as intended if they are applied properly.  Incorrectly applying chemicals can waste valuable time and money.

We invite you to call or email us with any treatment questions on this or other topics.