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Wise Watering

Well, the rains have let up. Like really let up, as in no rain at all in the past few weeks! If you haven’t used your sprinkler system yet, you will need to soon. Or if you haven’t spread out those hoses and come up with a game plan, you might want to. Don’t let lack of water be the reason all that hard work from the spring doesn’t make it!

Here are some watering tips:

1.Over-watering can be as big a problem as under- watering. For a successful watering program, remember the key concepts. First, water less often but for a longer period of time. This will encourage plants and sod to develop a stronger root system. Be efficient with your water; running your sprinkler system in the heat of the day will cause you to lose a significant volume of water due to evaporation and wind blowing. Water before 6 a.m. in the morning to avoid the peak hours. Central Arkansas Water has a great  Water-Wise program to help everyone conserve and properly manage water.

2. So how often and how long should you run your sprinkler system? This time of year, it should be adequate to water your lawn 3 to 4 times a week and the same for your beds. For spray type heads, 15 minutes per zone and for rotor type heads, 20-30 minutes per zone. These are just suggestions so monitor your plants to see how they respond to any schedule and adjust as needed.

3. Preventative care for sprinklers is helpful and can save you some serious heartache and maybe some serious dollars too! It’s a good idea to have a trusted sprinkler technician go through your system at the beginning of the season to check for leaks and make sure your heads are all functioning. It’s still a good time for this check-up since presumably, the weather is going to get hotter and hotter. Problems might not show up until the heat is really on, and a sprinkler issue in July can quickly become an emergency situation. The Good Earth provides knowledgeable sprinkler service and sales if you need some adjustments, repairs or a whole system installed.

4. And what if you don’t have a sprinkler system? Systems of hoses and automatic timers can be set up to take care of much of your water needs. And then handwater as needed. It’s a good idea keep a calendar of when you water, and set some sort of timer so you remember to turn the water off. Mulching landscape beds at a depth of 3″ will decrease the amount of water needed, and soaker hoses can be added under the mulch to help you and your plants with water needs.