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Stop the Angst!

The floodwaters have receded but what remains might be a new mosquito habitat! Stagnant water is usually the culprit, so walk around your landscape, and empty any standing water. And then immediately investigate and fix the area to prevent future standing water, because you may forget after the next rain. Damp areas like old leaf piles and debris areas are ideal for mosquitoes to hang out in during the day so be sure the area is as cleared out as possible.  Also, cut your grass low. Mosquitoes can travel several miles as adults, so if possible, involve your community.

The citronella plant, a scented geranium, can deter mosquitoes from joining your outdoor event. In order for them to work effectively, crush a few leaves and place them around the area. Citronella scented candles work also. If you have a water feature with slow moving water or still water areas, add Microbe-Lift BMC (Biological Mosquito Control), available at Good Earth.  This safe product can be applied to areas used by fish, humans, animals, pets, birds and wildlife. Another effective option that you can apply yourself is a product called Mosquito Beater by Bonide.  This Ready-to-Use product requires repeat applications every few weeks.  Read the label for complete instructions and information.