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Arkansas Gardening Tips for February!

Oh, the excitement of Spring!  The easy part is getting out the door into the landscape…but what do you do when you get there?  Here are some timely tips for what to do now that will make a big difference all year long! PRUNE •    Prune ornamental grasses, summer blooming spiraeas, and crape myrtles mid-February. … Read more »

Water & Your Lawn!

Recently, InArkansas.com asked our owner, Gregg Curtis, to provide advice on Summer watering of lawns.  We thought all of our blog readers could benefit from this information too…so here you go! During drought conditions, how should you go about using fertilizer? Your turf and landscape plants are still going to need food even if it’s… Read more »

Autumn Colors!

5 tips on how to color up your fall landscape!

Take That Landscape From Blah to Beautiful!

You might have noticed a general lack of enthusiasm in your landscape…which cannot be surprising considering the completely obnoxious weather we had this summer!  Fortunately, it’s that invigorating time of year, inspiring stunning outdoor makeovers! Here are some ways to get started on your landscape makeover: Pruning is the first step to getting that landscape… Read more »