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Choosing a Fountain

The Good Earth Garden Center’s Water Gallery has a broad selection of self-contained concrete, ceramic, natural and composite fountains in a variety of styles and sizes available.  Each one is designed to compliment your home. A well placed fountain can create a unique visual statement, enhance your living space with their ambiance, and add to your home value. When choosing a fountain, there are a few things to consider and, as always, we are here to help!


Consider how much space you have in your landscape to accommodate a fountain. When you decide a location, measure length and width of the space before shopping so you have a good idea of what will fit. Take pictures of the area and consider scale as you shop. You want a fountain that will accent the space and fit right in, as opposed to overtaking the space. If choosing an in-ground feature, you may want to look at what is growing around the space so as not to damage any plants or shrubs when digging or what you may want to transplant before install.


Think about the existing landscape features in your chosen space, and consider how the fountain fulfills your desired affect. Visual aesthetics are important as is the sound, whether gentle or vigorous. If you are purchasing for sound, make sure to listen carefully. Louder sounds can cover traffic or neighborhood noise and energize a space, where as gentle sounds add a peaceful feel to a garden.


After a decision to purchase a fountain has been made, consult with a licensed electrician and insure that an appropriate GFI outlet is nearby, and add one if there is not.  Most fountain pumps are low voltage but it’s a good idea to have fountain specifications handy when talking with an electrician.

Stable, Level Ground

Confirm the ground under the desired fountain location is stable and level. Soft beds can be firmed up with crushed aggregate or a piece of flagstone. For large fountains, a concrete pad may have to be installed. We can help with these choices and work with you to mitigate any potential issues.


Maintenance is an important aspect to consider before purchasing a fountain. You will need a way to add water regularly, and have the appropriate maintenance items on hand; mainly a winter cover and algaecide. We have a blog post with more details on maintenance here.

Fountains are a long lasting investment and our team is here to answer questions, offer our thoughts, and in general, do what we can to insure you fountain is one you will enjoy for many years!