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Gift Ideas for Gardeners!


We all have a gardener in our lives and they may or may not feel like planting that perfect plant this time of year. So here are some gift ideas for gardeners, some enhance gardens, some pamper gardeners, and some make gardening easier.  Some just let them know you understand and appreciate how much their work means to them and the impact it has on all who experience it!

Pamper Gardeners


Caren lotions, soaps and shower flowers are sublime!  There are wonderful scents to choose from and all their products have been formulated to soothe and refresh even the most sensitive skin.  Each one contains aloe vera, glycerin, and antioxidants to give us that glow!  The Gardener’s line is especially moisturizing.

Take a look at these scent-sational candles! Not only do they have fresh and calming scents, Paddywax candles are in fun recycled wine bottles.  And we have fun matches and beautiful candle snuffers to complete the gift!

Gardening Fun!


Houseplants are back in a big way!  We have tons of them to choose from PLUS modern, rustic and traditional containers to match any decor style. Choose a pot and we can help you pick out a plant… add a Moisture Meter and DONE… complete gift!


Macrame is back!  This old favorite has made a big comeback too and for good reason.  Nostalgia meets function… doesn’t get better than that!  These are made right here in the US.

Functional Gardening Gifts

If you know someone who grows herbs, they could benefit from both pairs of these scissors.  One cuts and strips and has three notch sizes to choose from, making harvesting from woody herbs such as rosemary quick and easy.  The other pair features 5 parallel blades that cut chives and other herbs quickly and evenly, without crushing them.

Terrariums.  Whether the gardener in your life loves succulents or tropical plants, terrariums remain one of the most fun ways to have a miniature garden. We carry a variety of tiny terrarium plants, accessories like moss and stone, as well as the containers to build them in.

These hand glazed birds landed here after being hatched especially for Good Earth… in fact, Good Birds can’t be found anywhere else in Arkansas!  Available in red, blue and yellow, and in four different sizes!

Make Gardening Easier on Them!

One of the many hazards of gardening is losing tools.  They were also ‘just right there!’  These Flora Brite snips are always easy to spot with their fluorescent handles.  They are also always easy to use with quality hardened stainless steel blades.

Kneelo pads protect and cushion knees.  Sounds simple, right?  Nope.  There are other knee pads and cushions out there but they don’t feature super cushiony memory foam, covered with neoprene like the Kneelo pads do.  The flexible knee pads work well because they allow gardeners to walk and stand as well as kneel in comfort.  They are also handy for painting projects.

Pruners that last; that is what you will get with Felcos.  They are durable, lightweight pruners with replaceable blades.  They also have sturdy handles with a lifetime guarantee.  And check out the Felco saw and belt holder!


Presto Buckets store flat then open to a 2.9 watertight bucket.  They make a good vegetable or debris collection buckets and are perfect for trips, camping, as a drink carrier, etc.  It comes in a zippered holder with a tab to hang it easily too!


Gloves!  In all sizes, even for kids. We now carry Garden Freak gloves, the webbed fingers make picking up soil and materials easier and more efficient.  We also have nice kids gloves, which can be hard to find!

High performance, long lasting water tools from Dramm.  These really LAST!  And the bright colors make them easier to find when you accidentally put them down in an odd place.  There are timers, watering wands, and even sprinklers than can cover a variety of sizes and shapes of lawn.

Handmade in Holland, these DeWit Tools are the real deal.  You will love these high quality tools that offer a lifetime guarantee.

Garden Accessories!

Pottery!  We have a large selection of durable pottery in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes. We had sold down significantly over the past few months but we have gotten two shipping containers of pottery in and have even more coming after the New Year. Not sure which one your gardener would like best?  How about a Good Earth gift card?

Nothing adds ambiance like sound and these windchimes really do the trick.  Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Provide a home for beneficial insects in the garden with these adorable bug houses!

And speaking of rain, we have tons of lovely rain chains.  These make any rain event more soothing, creating a small waterfall as water runs down them.

We also offer gift cards in any amount!  We look forward to helping you find that perfect gift this season!