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Winter Lawn Care and Leaf Removal

Learn all about winter lawn care and leaf removal tips in the video.  Want to read tips instead?  Find them below!

Why Leaf Removal is Important

Putting together your weekend chore list and feeling reluctant to add leaf pick to it?  Leaf removal is pretty important to lawn health. Leaving leaves on the lawn areas can create ideal environments for fungus. It’s cold out now, but there will be warm days this fall, winter and early spring and fungus can be active during these times.

How Often Does it Need to be Done?

We recommend removing leaves once a week right now and once they really start fall, it may need to be done twice a week. You can use a mulching mower and mulch them one to two times, then put a bag on the mower to pick them up. Raise the mower height once notch above normal mowing height when mulching and/or pick up the leaves. After all the leaves have been removed/ mulched for the season, lower the mower one notch below normal summer mowing height and mow.

Winter Control of Lawn Fungus

Now that we have had a couple of hard frost and warm season lawns such as bermuda and zoysia are going dormant. You might be able to see different colors of brown in the dormant lawn.

Gregg talks about seeing this in his lawn; the areas where he had fungus this summer are a different color than the rest of the lawn. Although he has treated it twice this summer, he will be treating it again to protect it during warm days this winter. Use Ferti-Lome Systemic Fungicide as treatment.

For more information about preventing and controlling lawn fungus, visit this blog post.

Is Leaf Removal in Landscape Beds Necessary?

Leaves can be left in landscape beds to act as a mulch and add nutrients back into the soil.

Contact us if you have any questions about winter lawn care and leaf removal!