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Pansy Spring Care

Pansy Spring Care

This week, Gregg and Jeff talk through the proper way to care for your pansies this spring.

Winter Experiment

The Good Earth team ran a little experiment over the winter. In the fall we planted panolas, pansies and violas in the same area. Now, after receiving equal amounts of water and light all winter, it appears the larger varieties weathered the winter best. The size of the violas flowers and leafs helped them stay healthiest during cold spells, but all varieties held up decently.

When should I start fertilizing?

No matter what variety you have planted, now is the time to fertilize your winter annuals. You need to look for a warmer day, when the temperature hits at least 40 degrees. A nice, warm day is best.

Get some BR – 61. If you have a sprayer, now is the time to use it. If not, stirring the BR – 61 into water in your watering can will do just fine.

Before You Fertilize

Before fertilizing, it’s crucial to make sure your flowers have been freshly watered. The moist soil and roots will allow for the BR – 61 to be absorbed without overpowering your plants. It would be too potent on drier soil.

After fertilizing, you can expect your flowers to rebloom within 10-14 days.

Now that the weather is warmer, this is also the time to get rid of old blooms. Using a pair of scissors or your fingers, prune the flowers to rid them of old blooms.