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Enjoy Perennial Herbs for Years

That’s right, many herbs are perennial here in central Arkansas, coming back each year so you can enjoy them for years! Here is a list of some of the more popular ones to grow.



Easy to grow and great for beginners due to how low maintenance they are.  Grow in half day sun or more and provide good drainage. This is a pretty herb, lots of pretty purplish/pink flowers. It’s very striking planted along the sides of a walkway.  There are two main kinds of chives; onion chives and garlic chives. Both are tasty and can be used interchangeably in recipes.  The garlic chives have a mild garlic flavor.

Lemon verbena

Lemon Verbena

A sweet lemon flavor used for tea and all kinds of dessert recipes.  For a delicate lemony flavor, add a handful to steep in water.  This plant gets pretty big over the years growing 3-6 feet wide over time.  Crush some leaves in your hand for a pick me up, the smell is enchanting.



Several varieties to pick from, all having different nuances of flavor.  This herb spreads easily, therefore if you are working with a small space, try this one in a container.



Versatile and easy to grow, mint can be quite prolific in spreading.  If you have the space, this herb will fill it up.  If that won’t work for you, mint is perfect for pots.



Although it’s popular, this herb can keep people scratching their heads on how to keep it happy. It enjoys ½ day sun or more, and good draining soil is a must.  It struggles if the soil is too wet.  If your soil is heavy clay, consider growing it in a pot.

rosemary, blossom, bloom


Perfect herb to pair with chicken, and potatoes!  Rosemary is similar to Lavender in needing well drained soil.  If the nights get bitter cold, container grown rosemary should be moved in the garage overnight.  It will keep them acclimated to be outside, without exposing them to temperatures 20 and below.  We suggest you avoid growing rosemary indoors as it doesn’t like this environment.

sage, herbs, culinary herbs


There are many different kinds of sage to choose from. The best flavor comes from Salvia officinalis, both green and purple.  Salvia ‘Tricolor’ is also a very pretty one.



A great ground cover for the flower beds, or a soft draping spiller plant in pots.  You will have many different ones to choose from, each with a different flavor profile.

Thank you for reading all about perennial herbs with us! Not seeing your favorite herb here?  Watch for next weeks’ annual herb blog post! And in the meantime, visit one of these other blog posts on growing edible plants.