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Planting Simple Veggies

Planting Simple Veggies

In this video, Gregg and Jeff are exploring the ins and outs of planting simple veggies.

What crops are in season?

Early spring crops like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, lettuce and even mint are ready to be planted. These plants are sturdy enough that they could withstand a cold snap, if one came along. If you do plant mint, do plan to cover it if the temperature looks like it’s going to dip into the 20s.

The majority of these early spring crops will take 50-65 days until they’re ready to be harvested, so you want to get them planted as soon as the season arrives.

How to plant spring crops?

To plant your early spring crops, you can easily use a large planter, like the half-barrel planter featured in the video. Using a large planter like this means you can reserve your larger spaces for summer crops. Just make sure you place your planter in an area that’ll get full sunshine.

Early spring gardening is a great time to get the kids involved! The weather is nice, and sturdy crops like these will be easy to plant and maintain. You’ll just need a bright spot to plant your crops, decent potting soil and fertilizer, and a plan to fertilize again around Easter.

A note about citrus:

We brought our citrus indoors in October, when the night air was consistently hitting around 50 degrees. After being indoors this winter, with nothing but airflow as a pollinator, our citrus started to flower. In December or January we started seeing small lemon buds, and the tree is now full of them! We’ll keep an eye on it’s progress, and we’re excited for some fresh lemonade later on!