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Varieties of Vines

Varieties of Vines

Read more to learn about the different types of vines, how they weather the winter, and how to give your vines the care they need.

Evergreen Clematis

Evergreen clematis, sometimes called Old Man’s Beard, does well in the Arkansas climate. It’s one of the earlier bloomers, and due to the especially mild winter, you might notice your evergreen clematis has more leaves on it this time of year than usual.

One of the highlights of this particular vine is the fragrance. If you have an outdoor seating area, planting them somewhere nearby is a great way to enjoy their pleasant scent! It usually flowers for about 6 weeks.


If you’re looking for a beautiful flowering vine, you can’t go wrong with the Carolina Jasmine. This lovely vine flowers for about 8 weeks, and can grow to cascade over large areas, if that’s the desired outcome. They can also be pruned and kept from spreading.

The Confederate Jasmine blooms white and is so lush and ideal for covering a broad area. Jasmine as a whole is a great investment if you’re looking to stretch your dollar.


This vine is making a comeback, and it’s no surprise. The beautiful flowers are a crowd pleaser. However, if you choose to plant this vine, just know it will grow pretty aggressively! Especially compared to jasmine, the wisteria vine is a fast grower.

Tips for Growing Healthy Vines

A good rule of thumb for all vines is to make sure they have well draining soil, as they don’t like wet feet. Start your vines in an area with plenty of sunshine to get the best blooms and full growth. Shadier areas make it harder for the vines to stay full top to bottom.