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Author: Jennifer Gibson

How to Create a Butterfly Garden!

Learn how to attract and feed butterflies in your Arkansas garden with information provided by The Good Earth Garden Center!

Colorful Annuals that Love the Heat!

  Cora Cascade Vinca (shown above in Bright Rose color) This has quickly become one of our favorite plants for many reasons!  It has all the wonderful characteristics of regular upright vinca, such as consistent blooming, thrives in heat and sun, AND requires less water than many other warm season annuals. The Cora series of… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Plant Perennials This Spring!

A perennial can be described as an herbaceous plant whose leaves and flowers die back to the ground every year and come back the next from the root system. However, there are even some evergreen and semi-evergreen perennials! Generally speaking, perennials are desired plants because they produce flowers, seed heads or leaves that add wonderful… Read more »

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Check out these fun Mother’s Day gift ideas from The Good Earth Gift Shop, from gardening tools to fundraising drinkware.

How to Use Tropical Plants in Your Landscape

  With summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning and planting your pots and updating your landscaping! Tropical plants always add a gorgeous splash of color showcased in pots around patios and porches, but they are also lovely planted in borders, beds, and as accents within existing landscapes. In Arkansas,… Read more »

Choosing a Fountain

The Good Earth Garden Center’s Water Gallery has a broad selection of self-contained concrete, ceramic, natural and composite fountains in a variety of styles and sizes available.  Each one is designed to compliment your home. A well placed fountain can create a unique visual statement, enhance your living space with their ambiance, and add to… Read more »

Outdoor Fountain Care

  Every wonder what’s in our Water Gallery? It’s our fountain display area, stocked full of running fountains as well as concrete statuary!  We carry a wide variety of fountains, in ever changing contemporary or classic designs, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finish colors. One of the first things our guests… Read more »

How to Cultivate a Cutting Garden

There are so many plants that work well in cut arrangements!  Notice we left out the word ‘flower’; some of the most interesting additions to an arrangement are interesting greenery or stems.  Proper planning will get you the best results.  If you want to harvest and arrange year-round, you might need to add larger plant… Read more »