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Author: Jennifer Gibson

Ornamental Cabbage, Kale and Greens!

    Looking for some texture and color contrast for your pots this fall and winter? Does your container need some height? Wanting a little something extra to accent your pansy planting?  Ornamental cabbage (also called flowering cabbage), kale, Swiss chard and mustard may be your answer! Choose from lavender colored leaves (Coral Queen shown… Read more »

Pick of the Week, Our Team’s Favorites

It’s really fun for us to find out what our team member favorites are, and we thought you might be interested too! Each week this fall, we will add a new favorite to the top of this blog post. That way, you not only know what we are crushing on this week, but also previous… Read more »

Getting to Know Your Soil

Get to know your soil and learn the role that soil type plays in proper planting.

Fall Tips for Your Landscape!

It’s almost fall, y’all! Which means that there are a few chores for your landscape so that your landscape will be healthier and happier next season! Plus find out how to correctly prep your annual color areas for pansies, violas, ornamental cabbage, kale and mums!

How to Plant a Plant

  So…planting a plant seems easy…just dig a hole and place the plant, right?!  Well, there is a little more to it than that!  Knowing the correct way to plant a plant is the first step to installing a successful landscape! Start by digging a hole that is twice the width and as deep as… Read more »

Fall Combination Planters

Learn how to get color all season long with these fall combo pot tips

All about MUMS!

  Nothing says fall like mums! Ever wonder how long will it take a mums to bloom out? Is it better to get ones with no blooms open or showing some color?  Want to brush up on your knowledge about these seasonal blooms? Check out this video, where Gregg and Jeff break down different varieties… Read more »

Why are my leaves already falling?

Learn why leaves are prematurely turning brown or showing fall color early, and find out if you should be worried or take this in stride.